MSP Billing Codes

Specialty: Nephrology

Code Description Fee
33705 Emergency visit - nephrology $108.26
33706 Directive care - nephrology $60.17
33707 Office visit - nephrology $49.56
33708 Hospital visit - nephrology $48.32
33709 Visit-home-nephrology $48.85
33710 Consultation-nephrology $173.42
33712 Repeat or limited consultation (nephrology) $85.60
33713 Group counselling (first hour) $106.78
33714 Prolonged visit for counselling (max 4 per year) $52.15
33715 Group counselling (each additional 1/2 hour) $53.36

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33730 Telehealth-consult-nephrology $173.42
33732 Telehealth-repeat consult-nephrology $85.60
33736 Telehealth-directive care-nephrology $60.17
33737 Telehealth-subsequent office visit-nephrology $49.56
33738 Telehealth-subsequent hospital visit-nephrology $48.32
33723 Initial peritoneal dialysis (first 2 weeks) $397.47
33750 Hemodialysis (round 1) $531.27
33751 Hemodialysis ( round 2 to 5) $199.65
33758 Chronic hemodialysis (rounds 6+) $52.22
33759 Chronic peritoneal dialysis $52.22
33761 Home dialysis $63.13
33752 Blood dialysis - fee for cut down by surgeon to be charged in addition to items 33750 or 33751 $134.31
33790 Renal transplant patient-care of $1,182.14

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