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Specialty: Dental Technical Procedures

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Appliances - Removable / Retention (Splint)

03825 Appliances, removable, retention (splint) mandibul $316.85
03824 Appliances, removable, retention (splint) maxillar $316.85
03826 Appliances/removable/retention(splint) - palatal $63.36

Cephalometric Radiographs

03804 Cephalometric radiographs pre-treatment post-treat $40.97
03805 Cephalometric radiographs pre-treatment post-treat $67.87
03806 Cephalometric radiographs pre-treatment post-treat $26.91
03807 Cephalometric tracing/interpretation pre-treatment $76.05

Intraoral Radiographs

03841 Occlusal - single film $20.91
03842 Occlusal - two films $30.93
03835 Periapical - five films $39.99

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03834 Periapical - four films $34.03
03831 Periapical - single film $16.00
03836 Periapical - six films $46.00
03833 Periapical - three films $28.03
03832 Periapical - two films $22.05


03803 Panoramic radiographs pre-treatment post-treatment $62.74

Radiographs / Duplications

03820 Casts, diagnostic, mounted using facebow and occlu $301.28
03819 Casts, diagnostic, mounted, one or more sets maybe $82.53
03822 Diagnostic (ghathological wax-up) model surgery tw $152.10
03821 Diagnostic (gnathological wax-up) model surgery on $76.05
03823 Diagnostic (gnathological wax-up) model surgery th $228.14
03817 Diagnostic models, upper and lower $69.43
03818 Duplicate models, upper and lower $38.03
03816 Photographs, each additional $5.45
03815 Photographs, first photograph $16.41
03847 Radiographs/duplications - each additional $4.20
03844 Radiographs/duplications - single film $7.36
03846 Radiographs/duplications - three films $21.88
03845 Radiographs/duplications - two films $14.50

TMJ Radiographs

03830 Tmj radiographs - each additional film over four $26.91
03811 Tmj radiographs, radiographs, tmj one film $40.97
03814 Tmj radiographs, radiographs, tmj, four films $124.21
03813 Tmj radiographs, radiographs, tmj, three films $94.54
03812 Tmj radiographs, radiographs, tmj, two films $67.87
03809 Tmj radiographs, tomography, single view $56.31
03810 Tmj radiographs, tomography, two views $70.56

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