MSP Billing Codes

Specialty: Endocrinology

Code Description Fee
33255 Diabetes injection medication start (insulin or glucagon-like-peptide receptor agonist) $41.78
33256 Insulin pump start $83.55
33205 Emergency visit when specially called $148.86
33206 Directive care - endocrinology $61.14
33207 Subsequent office visit $63.84
33208 Subsequent hospital visit $37.65
33209 Subsequent home visit $67.18
33210 Consultation - endocrinology $219.37
33212 Consultation-limited-endocrinology $105.32
33213 Counselling-group-endocrinology- 1st full hour $146.86

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33214 Counselling - prolonged visit-endocrinology $71.74
33215 Counselling-group-endocrinology-2nd hr per 1/2 hr $73.38
33240 Premium for patients 75 years and over, billed in addition to 33210, 33212, 33270, 33272, g33260 or g33262 $55.00
33241 Premium for patients 75 years and over, billed in addition to 33207, 33209, 33277, 33267, g33250, gy33255, or gy33256 $14.76
33250 Virtual communication with patient, or representative/family, for medically pertinent matters $10.44
33260 Initial virtual consultation, with patient or rep. $123.27
33262 Repeat or limited virtual consultation $61.64
33267 Subsequent virtual office visit $39.86
33270 Telehealth consultation - endocrinology $219.37
33272 Telehealth repeat or limited consult-endocrinology $105.32
33276 Telehealth directive care - endocrinology $61.14
33277 Telehealth subsequent office visit - endocrinology $63.84
33278 Telehealth subsequent hospital visit-endocrinology $37.65

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