Opioid agonist treatment (oat) 13014 - Management of oat induction for opioid use disordr

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Billing Amount: $20.15

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This fee is payable for individual interactions with the patient during the first three days of OAT induction for opioid use disorder within the limits described in the following notes.


- Billable in addition to 13013 or a same day visit fee (in-person, telephone or video conference) with a physician when not performed concurrently.
- Billable up to 3 times on day of first dose of OAT.
- Billable up to 2 times on day 2 of OAT induction.
- Billable once only on day 3 of OAT induction.
- May be provided in-person, by telephone, or by video conference.
- May be billed when delegated to a nurse (LPN, RN, NP) employed within the eligible physician practice.
- Start time must be entered in both the billing claim and patient’s chart.