Opioid agonist treatment (oat) 13013 - Assessment for induction of opioid agonist treatmt

General Info

Billing Amount: $42.97 per 15 minutes

This Item requires times

Max units / day / patient: 4


Initial assessment requires complete medical history, substance use history and appropriate targeted physical examination. If assessment and induction are done on the same day, withdrawal assessment using COWS or SOWS and administration of first dose of OAT included – per 15 minutes or greater portion thereof. Can be billed for up to 4 units per day.


- Payable to a maximum of 4 units per patient/per day/per intended induction.
- Payable only to the physician who intends to provide or share management of the patient’s OAT induction for opioid use disorder.
- Start and end times must be entered in both the billing claim and the patient’s chart.
- No other visit fees billable same day except 13014, 14018 and 14077.
- 13014, 14018 and 14077 payable in addition to 13013 only when not performed concurrently.
- Payable for assessment for change of OAT with induction to a different medication.
- May not be repeated within 30 days by the same physician.
- This service payable only for physician time spent on patient assessment (and on administration of first dose of OAT if provided same day).