Medical assistance in dying (maid) 13504 - Maid event preparation and procedure

General Info

Billing Amount: $282.10


Billed for the preparation and provision of the MAID procedure. See the Ministry of Health's site for the accompanying forms required including compensation for travel when the patient is in eligible rural communities:


- Payable only to Assessor Prescriber.
- Includes all necessary elements: establishment of IV, administration of meds, pronouncement of death.
- Includes pharmacy visits for procedures provided in facilities with on-site pharmacies.
- Fee 13505 billable in addition for procedures provided in facilities with no on-site pharmacy.
- A same day visit fee is payable in full in addition under fee item 00103 (home) or out of office visit fee items 12200, 13200, 15200, 16200, 17200, and 18200 (all other locations).
- Fee items 00108, 13008, 00127 and 00114 are not payable.