Medical assistance in dying (maid) 13502 - Maid assessment fee – assessor

General Info

Billing Amount: $42.97 per 15 minutes

This Item requires times

Max units / day / patient: 7


Includes all requirements of a MAiD assessment, including review of medical records, patient encounter and completion of the MAiD Assessment Record (Assessor). The assessment may be provided either in-person or by video conference – per 15 minutes or greater portion thereof.


- Maximum payable is 105 minutes (7 units). Services which exceed the maximum will be given independent consideration with an explanatory letter.
- Start and end time for the assessment must be entered in both the billing claim and patient’s chart.
- Additionally, start and end time for the patient encounter must be entered in the patient’s chart.
- Not payable with 13501 by same physician.
- Only one service for 13501 or 13502 may be performed by video conference.