10005 - Specialist email advice for patient management

General Info

Billing Amount: $10.10


Initiated by a Specialist, General Practitioner, Allied Health Provider or coordinators of the patient’s care. Response in one week. The purpose of this fee is for the specialist to provide email advice when the intent of communication is to replace the need for the specialist to see the patient in person. The consulting specialist is responsible for ensuring that an appropriate communication modality is used to meet the medical needs of the patient.


i) Payable to Specialist Physicians for email communication regarding assessment and management of a patient but without the consulting physician seeing the patient.
ii) Communication must take place within 7 days of the initiating request.
iii) Includes discussion of pertinent family/patient history, history of presenting complaint, and discussion of the patient's condition and management after reviewing laboratory and other data where indicated.
iv) A chart entry,including time of initiating request as well as advice given and to whom, is required.
v) Limited to three services per patient per physician per day.
vi) Limited to maximum of 12 services per patient per physician per year.
vii) Not payable to physician initiating communication.
viii) Not payable in addition to another service on the same day, for
the same patient by same practitioner.

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