General practice 14010 - Maternity network incentive

General Info

Billing Amount: $2,100.00



To be eligible to be a member of the network, you must, for the complete three-month period up to the payment date:

Be a general practitioner in active practice in BC;

Have hospital privileges to provide obstetrical care;

Be associated and registered with a minimum of three other network members (special consideration will be given in those hospital communities with fewer than four doctors providing maternity care). Refer to the Maternity Network Registration Form;

Cooperate with other members of the network so that one member is always available for deliveries;

Accept a reasonable number of referrals of pregnant patients from doctors who do

Make patients aware of the members of the network and the support specialists available for complicated cases;

Accept a reasonable number of referrals of pregnant patients from doctors who do not have hospital privileges to deliver babies (preferred first visit to the doctor planning to deliver the baby is no later than 12 weeks of pregnancy; the referring doctor may, with the agreement of the delivering doctor, provide a portion of theprenatal care);

Share prenatal records (real or virtual) with other members of the network as practical, with the expectation to work toward utilizing an electronic prenatal record;and

Each doctor must schedule at least four deliveries in each six month period of time (April to September, October to March) .

Billing Information for Maternity Care Network Initiative Payment:

PHN: 9824870522

Patient Last name: Maternity

Patient First name/initial: G

Date of Birth: November 2, 1989

Diagnostic code: V26

For Date of service use: Last day in a calendar quarter

Billing Schedule: Last day of the month, per calendar quarter