Neurology 00480 - Dmt (disease modifying treatment) management

General Info

Billing Amount: $151.63


Payable every 6 months to prescribing Neurologists responsible for continuing care of patients with active CNS inflammatory disease, who are on DMTÕs.

Under this code the prescribing Neurologist is responsible for all associated drug monitoring, drug related complication management and communication to the patient and care providers with respect to the particular drug.

Payable in addition to face-to-face services and physician-to-physician phone calls.

iv) Includes organization of all treatment plans, drug initiation algorithms, medication review, MRI assessment and lab review (including CSF) if required.
v) Includes monitoring of all investigations for subsequent 6 months, including imaging and lab work, and conversations with allied health professionals as required.
vi) Maximum number of services payable per neurologist per month is 20.

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