Internal medicine 01431 - Critical care (icu) - 8th to 30th day

General Info

Billing Amount: $117.75

Minimum number of minutes per unit: 0 Mins

Max units / day / patient: 0

Max units / year / patient: 0




Critical care medicine – includes provision in an Intensive Care Area of all aspects of care of a critically ill patient excluding ventilatory support and includes initial consultation and assessment, family counselling, emergency resuscitation, intravenous lines, bronchoscopy, chest tubes, lumbar puncture, cut-downs, pressure infusion set and pharmacological agents, insertion of arterial C.V.P., Swan-Ganz or urinary catheters and nasogastric tubes, defibrillation, cardio version and usual resuscitative measures, securing and interpretation of laboratory tests, oximetry, transcutaneous blood gases and intracranial pressure monitoring interpretation and assessment when indicated (excluding insertion of ICP measuring device). There is an expectation of at least 1 hour of bedside care on Day 1. These fees are not chargeable for services rendered to stabilized patients in ICU’s for example, routine post-op monitoring, or patients admitted for ECG monitoring or observation alone.