00083 - Crisis intervention

General Info

Billing Amount: $10,449.00 per 30 minutes

This Item requires times

Minimum number of minutes per unit: 0 Mins

Max units / day / patient: 0

Max units / year / patient: 0


Applies to situations where the attending physician is called upon to provide continuous medical assistance at the exclusion of all other services in periods of personal or family crisis caused by rape, sudden bereavement, suicidal behaviour or acute psychosis - per ½ hour or major portion thereof


Timing for this listing begins after the first hour if a consultation or complete physical examination is rendered or after 30 minutes if a regional examination, counselling, etc. is rendered. Claims for more than 3 hours under fee item 00083 will be given independent consideration by the Medical Services Plan.

The item does not include time spent collecting legal evidence of possible sexual assault. Such is billable to the local police station or RCMP.

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