83070 - Telehealth interventional radiology consultation

General Info

Billing Amount: $82.73


To include pertinent patient history, regional physical examination, review of laboratory and radiological findings and generation of a written report


Payable only to physicians with appropriate training in interventional radiology.

Payable only when rendered in acute care public facilities.

Must be initiated by written request by another physician.

iv) Payable only when interventional radiological procedure requires extensive discussion and review of all available data.
v) Includes all patient visits necessary.
vi) Payable when patient is referred for any of the following interventional radiological procedures, regardless if procedure is performed or is scheduled and subsequently cancelled.
a) Percutaneous image-guided catheter directed thrombolysis of peripheral vein/artery (10901)
b) Varicocele and/or uterine artery embolization -unilateral/bilateral (00921/00925)
c) Percutaneous image-guided tumor ablation(10908)
d) Percutaneous transcatheter arterial chemoembolization (TACE) (10904)
e) Cerebral arterial balloon occlusion tolerance test (10913)
vii) Payable if one of the following procedures is planned but cancelled subsequent to the consultation:
a) Percutaneous nephrostomy (00978)
b) Percutaneous nephrostomy with dilation of tract (00979)
c) Transhepatic biliary drainage procedure (00980)
d) Therapeutic radiological embolization (00981)
e) Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (00982)
f) Percutaneous abdominal abscess drainage by catheter insertion (00983)
g) Embolization fee codes T00995, T00997, T00998
h) Abdominal aortic aneurysm repair using endovascular stent graft – radiology component (T10900)
i) Complex diagnostic Neuroangiography
j) Percutaneous hemodialysis graft thrombolysis (10903)
k) Cerebral intra-arterial thrombolysis (10905)
l) Percutaneous intravascular/intracorporeal medical device/foreign body removal (10909)
m) Selective salpingography/fallopian tube recanalization (P10911)
n) Transjugular liver or renal biopsy (10912)
o) Image-guided percutaneous vertebroplasty (10906)
p) Intravascular stent placement (10919)
q) Intracorporeal stent placement (10920)
r) Percutaneous balloon angioplasty for cerebral vasospasm (10914)
s) Endovascular obliteration of aneurysms using Guglielmi detachable coil(GDC) technique (10915)
t) Percutaneous sclerotherapy of head and neck vascular lesions under fluoroscopic guidance (10918)
viii) Repeat consultation not applicable for same condition, same patient within 6 months.

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