Anaesthesia 01049 - Medical supervision/labour epidural analgesia-nght

General Info

Billing Amount: $19.16 per 5 minutes

This Item requires times

Minimum number of minutes per unit: 0 Mins

Max units / day / patient: 0

Max units / year / patient: 0


(Monday to Sunday, 2300-0800 hours), per 5 minutes (or major portion thereof)


Fees are payable to the same physician concurrently with services provided to other patients, including concurrent payment of fee items PG01047, PG01048, PG01049 for more than one patient.

The fee items PG01047, PG01048, PG01049 are payable to a maximum of 48 units per patient, per maternity.

Payment begins immediately after the labour epidural catheter is inserted.

iv) Payment continues until the earliest of the following:
- 4 hours duration of medical supervision (48 time units)
- Time of birth
- Time when payment begins for anesthetic care on the same patient related to c-section, complicated delivery, or surgical delivery.
v) Fees include payment for labour epidural analgesia top-up and supervision visit services.
vi) Reinsertion of a labour epidural catheter is payable under fee item 01102, and does not form part of the medical supervision period.
vii) Out-of-Office Hours Premiums (Call-Out Charges and Continuing Care Surcharges {Non-operative and Anesthesiology}) are not applicable.
viii) The time period (e.g.: daytime, evening, night) during which the medical supervision begins determines which fee item is paid for the entire duration, even when the supervision time continues into a new time period.
ix) Start and end times required in the time field.

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