78720 - Specialist advance care planning discussion -extra

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Billing Amount: $40.00


Advance Care Planning is when a capable adult thinks about and discusses their beliefs, values and wishes for future health care, in the event the adult becomes incapable of making such decisions in the future. The adult may have advance care planning discussions with close family or trusted friends and health care providers. When an adultÕs wishes or instructions for advance care planning are written down, they become an Advance Care Plan.
This fee premium is to facilitate a Specialist Physician to have a discussion with the patient about advance care planning based on the patientÕs beliefs, values and wishes for future health care.

Paid only to the Specialist Physician for Advance Care Planning discussions and plan development for patients presenting with:
a) a chronic medical illness or complex co-morbidities, and
b) a deteriorating quality of life or end-stage disease state.

The advance care planning discussion should include sharing information and resources on how a patient can create an advance care plan, including Advance Directives.

iii) A care plan form is required to be completed and added to the patientÕs chart and the discussion summarized in the consultation report including any decisions about the patientÕs future health care wishes. (The care plan form template is available at: www.sscbc.ca).
iv) The care plan template form must be completed and shared with: - the patient, and - the patientÕs primary health care provider.
v) Payable at 100% in addition to other services rendered on the same day.
vi) Not paid with adult and pediatric Critical care medicine (01400 series), or neonatal intensive care (01500 series) per hospital admission. vii) The message to the patient and the plan must be consistent with the Practice Support ProgramÕs End of Life Module resources. (http://www.practicesupport.bc.ca/psp/specialist-learning/clinical-management)
viii) Not paid for physicians on salary, sessional, or service contract arrangements.

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