Plastic surgery 61325 - Advancement flap-face, neck or scalp (2.1 to 5 cm)

General Info

Billing Amount: $231.73

Surgical Code

Anesthetic Level:



These fees are for adjacent tissue transfers based on extensive undermining and layered closure. The medical necessity for a flap or graft occurs when direct closure alone would not suffice due to unacceptable wound tension or local distortion. The distances required to be undermined are:
a. 1 cm (nose, ear, eyelid, lip, eyebrow)
b. 1.5 cm (other face and neck)
c. 3 cm (rest of body)

Fee items 61325 to 61329 are restricted to Plastic Surgery.

These fees include creation and closure of the defect, except when P61320 to P61322 apply.