Plastic surgery 61302 - Wounds-5.1 to 10cm-other than face, simple closure

General Info

Billing Amount: $244.52

Surgical Code

Anesthetic Level:



These fees apply to closure using tissue glue (included), direct closure with sutures (included) but not flap/graft (bill in flap/graft section for composite fee). For primary excision and direct closure of benign (medically necessary) and pre-malignant or malignant lesions, bill P61310 to P61318. These fee items are intended for linear/stellate wounds. In the case of wider degloving/abrasion, it is appropriate to bill 70155 to 70169 if wound debrided but left open or treated with Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC).

Restricted to Plastic Surgery.

Multiples paid at 50%, to a maximum of 5 lacerations at the same sitting

iii) Removal of sutures included in any Plastic Surgery visit fee.
iv) Not paid with skin flap or graft fees. (Per wound. Cannot bill flap and wound closure on same wound, but if one wound requires a flap/graft and second/third wounds require simple layered closure then existing 100%/50% billing applies as per Note ii above).
v) Direct closure paid when the procedure includes at least one deep layer of sutures and cyanoacrylate.
vi) Minor undermining (to help evert wound edges) is considered included.