Plastic surgery 61250 - Lipotransfer - aspiration - volume < 20 ml

General Info

Billing Amount: $81.88

Surgical Code

Anesthetic Level:



Lipoaspiration and lipo injection components are paid together at 100%. Subsequent lipo injection procedures to anatomically discrete sites, completed during the same session, are paid at 50%.

When performed with another procedure (e.g.: breast reduction, mastopexy) during the same date of service, the surgical preamble rules will apply.

As with other medically necessary procedures for alteration of appearance, pre-approval is required.

iv) These fees are not intended to accompany any liposuction procedures. Lipoaspiration is only to be followed by lipo injection.
v) Restricted to Plastic Surgery.
vi) Aspirate from multiple sites is pooled for a total amount; only one aspirate fee is paid per session, for the aggregate amount.
vii) Volume harvested is the total usable fat cells after processing and does not include the oil or aqueous layers.