Psychiatry 60645 - Telehealth patient mangement conference psychiatry

General Info

Billing Amount: $54.38 per 15 minutes

This Item requires times


meeting by specific appointment to discuss/plan patient management with third parties, which may include referring physicians or hospital staff (if an inpatient) or relatives and must include at least one professional or community agency representative - per 1/4 hour


Not to exceed a maximum of four hours per patient per psychiatrist, per calendar year.

A written record of the meeting must be maintained and/or a report generated by the psychiatrist.

If multiple patients are discussed, the billings shall be for consecutive, non-overlapping time periods

iv) Not payable unless the patient has been seen by the Psychiatrist in the preceding 180 days
v) Names and positions of other participants in the Patient Management Conference must be recorded in the patientÕs chart

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