Neurology 40442 - Follow up telestroke neurological clinical

General Info

Billing Amount: $100.19


To be used for the ongoing evaluation, clinical monitoring and treatment of a patient referred for acute cerebral vascular syndrome requiring ongoing videoconference care by the neurologist.

Includes ongoing review of any and all diagnostic imaging.

Includes sequential scales e.g. NIHSS, as necessary.

iv) Not payable with 00410, 00081, 00082 or 40443 by same physician.
v) Not intended for standby time such as waiting for laboratory results.
vi) For payment purposes, when immediately subsequent to 40441, the consultation fee constitutes the first half hour of the time spent with the patient during the videoconference.
vii) Start and end times must be submitted with claim.
viii) Restricted to Neurologists.
ix) If billed in addition to P40441, paid at 100%.
x) Daily Maximum per patient is six (6), unless note record indicates medical necessity for extended service.

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