Internal medicine 33581 - Cancer chemotherapy, high intensity

General Info

Billing Amount: $203.27


To include admission history and physical examination, review of pertinent laboratory and radiological data, counselling of patient and/or family, venesection and institution of an intravenous line, and administration of a parenteral chemotherapeutic program which must be given on an in-patient basis


This service is not payable more frequently than once every 28 days. The following treatments fall into this category:
a) chemotherapy for acute leukemia;
b) chemotherapy utilizing cisplatinum given in a dose exceeding 50 mg/m2 per treatment;
c) chemotherapy utilizing isophosphamide in combination with bladder protector Mesna;
d) chemotherapy using DTIC in a dose exceeding 100 mg/m2;
e) chemotherapy utilizing methotrexate in dose exceeding 1 g/m2 (and combined with the folinic acid rescue regimen);
f) chemotherapy using continuous infusion technique exceeding a period of 8 hours per session (except for the infusional 5-FU treatment protocol).

a) Where a patient has been administered high intensity cancer chemotherapy, the fees for limited cancer chemotherapy are not payable within the interim of 28 days.
b) Hospital visits are not payable on the same day.
c) Visit fees are payable on subsequent days, when rendered.
d) A consultation, when rendered, is payable in addition to fee item 33581, high intensity cancer chemotherapy, in situations where it is important that chemotherapy be administered immediately, e.g.: for out of town patients. A letter of explanation is required when both services are performed on the same day.
e) The administering of chemotherapy via intrathecal and intrabladder methods is payable under the chemotherapy listings. Other methods of administration, such as oral and rectal, are not payable under these listings.