Geriatric medicine 33445 - Geriatric care conference (pat 65+) per 15 min

General Info

Billing Amount: $48.68 per 15 minutes

This Item requires times


Restricted to Geriatric Medicine.

Requires interdisciplinary team meeting of at least one allied health professional, and may or may not include family members and/or representatives.

Paid only if 33401 or a consult from Internal medicine, or sub-specialty paid for same patient in previous 6 months.

iv) Maximum four paid per patient, per sitting.
v) Maximum eight paid per patient, per calendar year.
vi) The results of the conference, as well as the names and roles of those who participated in the meeting must be documented in patient's chart, and result communicated to FP/GP.
vii) Claim must state start and end times of this service.
viii) Not paid to physicians who are employed by, or who are under contract to a facility: or physician working under salary, service contract, or sessional arrangements.
ix) Visit paid in addition, if medically required and does not take place concurrently with the conference. Medically required visits performed consecutive to this fee will be paid.