Cardiology 33093 - Level iii echocardiographer complex assessment of previous echocardiogram (clinical assessment and review, interpretation and written report of submitted echocardiograms) – per patient

General Info

Billing Amount: $252.39


Payable following a written request from a cardiologist or cardiac surgeon for a clinical assessment, review and interpretation of submitted echocardiograms done on an out-patient basis only, performed in another institution by a different echocardiographer.

A written report and management recommendation must be provided to the referring physician.

Not payable when echocardiograms above are used for comparison purposes with echocardiograms made in the Level III Echocardiographer’s facility.

iv) Not payable with a consult, visit or 33091 done on the same day.
v) Payable once per year per patient, unless substantiated in note record.
vi) Payable only on echocardiograms done in publicly-funded hospitals in BC.
vii) Not payable in addition to a consultation rendered within 2 months on the same patient on referral by the same physician for the same diagnosis.

Real-time ultrasound fees may only be claimed for studies performed when a physician is on site in the laboratory for the purpose of diagnostic ultrasound supervision.

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