Respirology 32011 - Complex respiratory medicine assessment

General Info

Billing Amount: $68.00 per 15 minutes

This Item requires times


Restricted to Respiratory Medicine specialists who provide care in the following clinics:
Adult Cystic Fibrosis: St. Paul's and Royal Jubilee Hospital
Interstitial Lung Disease: Vancouver General and Saint Paul's
Severe Asthma: Vancouver General, Saint Paul's and Surrey Memorial
Lung Transplant Clinic (includes pre and post lung transplant assessment)
Pulmonary Hypertension: Vancouver General and Saint Paul's.

Maximum of 7 hours per day, per clinic.

When consult, repeat or limited consult or visit is charged in addition to G32011, for billing purposes, the consultation fee shall constitute the first _ hr. and the repeat or limited consult or visit will constitute the first 15 minutes of the time spent with the patient.

iv) Includes time spent in multidisciplinary case conferencing and teleconferencing with other health care providers and/or patients.
v) A written consultation report is required for each patient seen in the clinic.
vi) Start and end times must be included on claims.

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