Rheumatology 31060 - Mulitidiscriplinary conference for community pat

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Billing Amount: $225.96


To consist of assessment, written treatment plan and any other counselling the patient needs for management of their particular diagnosis


Restricted to Rheumatology.

For the ongoing management of complex disorders of the musculoskeletal system, where the complexity of the condition requires the continuing management by a rheumatologist. It is not intended for the evaluation and/or management of uncomplicated rheumatologic disorders (e.g.: osteoarthritis, bursitis/tendonitis, neck and back pain).

Only paid when a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse is present.

iv) Applicable to patients with rheumatoid arthritis diagnoses or similar inflammatory disease.
v) Maximum one per patient in 6 month period.
vi) Not paid in addition to 31010, 31012, 31007 or G31050.

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