Ophthalmology 22115 - Capsulotomy - yag laser, per eye

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Billing Amount: $106.44

Surgical Code

Anesthetic Level:



Unless otherwise noted, all fees apply to single eye. Second eye is billable as per operative surgical fee Preamble, clause D. 5. 3.

All laser procedures include all follow-up visits in the six-week post-operative period except for fee item S22118 which is limited to one visit.

Laser procedures include fee items 22046 and 22047.

iii) Where laser procedures are performed on both eyes at the same sitting, both shall be paid at 100%.iv) Repeat billing for retinopathy of prematurity (babies under 6 months) is permitted, to a maximum of two billings per eye in 6 month period. A note record is required if more than 2 repeats are needed

Pre-Amble References:

Please reference the billing pre-amble for these relevant interpretations of this billing code:

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