General practice 14105 - Management of labour and transfer to higher level

General Info

Billing Amount: $243.53


This fee includes all usual hospital care associated with the confinement and provided by the referring physician.

May be claimed by the referring physician when the referring physician intended to conduct the delivery providing the following conditions are met:
a) The referring physician attended the patient during active labour and provided assessment of the progress of labour, both initial and on- going.
b) Active labour is defined as:”regular painful contractions, occurring at least once in five minutes, lasting at least 40 seconds, accompanied by either spontaneous rupture of the membranes, or full cervical effacement and dilatation of at least two centimeters.”
c) There is a documented complication warranting the referral such as foetal distress or dysfunctional labour (failure to progress).
d) Where the referring physician must transfer the patient to another facility.

Not payable with assessment or visit fee or 14104, 14109 and generally 14199 (provide details if claiming for 14199 in addition).

iv ) OOOHP Continuing Care Surcharges do not apply to maternity services in the first stage of labour only.
v) When medically necessary additional post-partum office visit (s) are payable under fee item P14094.