General practice 14088 - Gp unassigned inpatient care fee

General Info

Billing Amount: $150.00


The term “Unassigned Inpatient” is used in this context to denote those patients whose Family Physician does not have admitting privileges in the acute care facility in which the patient has been admitted. The GP Unassigned Inpatient Care Fee is designed to provide an incentive for Family Physicians to accept Most Responsible Physician status for that patient’s hospital stay, and to compensate the Family Physician for the extra time and intensity necessary to evaluating an unfamiliar patient’s clinical status and care needs. This fee is restricted to Family Physicians actively participating in the GP Unassigned Inpatient Care or the GP Maternity Networks. This fee is billable through the MSP Teleplan system.


Payable only to Family Physicians who have submitted a completed GP Unassigned Inpatient Care Network Registration Form and/or a GP Maternity Network Registration Form.

Payable only to the Family Physician who is the Most Responsible Physician (MRP) for the patient during the in-hospital admission.

Payable once per unassigned patient per in-hospital admission.

iv) Payable in addition to hospital visit fee on same day.
v) Not payable to physicians who are employed by or who are under contract to a facility and whose duties would otherwise include provision of this care.
vi) Not payable to physicians working under salary, service contract or sessional arrangements whose duties would otherwise include provision of this care.