General practice 14052 - Gp annual chronic care bonus - hypertension

General Info

Billing Amount: $50.00


This is an incentive payment and is available to B.C.’s eligible family physicians. The purpose of the incentive payments is to improve patient care. GPSC retains the right to modify or change fees.
Physicians are eligible toparticipate in the incentive program if they are:
1. A general practitioner who has a valid BC MSP practitioner number (registered specialty 00). Practitioners who have billed any specialty consultation fee in the previous 12 months are not eligible.
2. Currently in general practice in BC as a full service family physician; and
3. Responsible for providing the patient’s longitudinal general practice care.
Additional detailed eligibility requirements are identified in each section.

General Practitioners who have a valid MSP practitioner number (registered specialty 00) are eligible to bill. Physicians who have billed a specialty consultation fee within the preceding 12 months are not eligible.

Payable to the family physician who has provided the majority of the patient’s longitudinal general practice care and a clinically appropriate level of guideline-informed care for diabetes in the preceding year.
Applicable only for patients with confirmed diagnosis of hypertension.

iv) This item may be only be billed after one year of care has been provided and the patient has been seen at least twice in the preceding 12 months.
v) The patient must be given a copy of the hypertension flow sheet in order to facilitate patient self-management.
vi) Claim must include the ICD-9 code for hypertension (401).
vii) This item may only be claimed once per patient in a consecutive 12 month period.
viii) Not payable if G14050 or G14051 claimed within the previous 12 months.
ix) If a visit is provided on the same date the bonus is billed; both services will be paid at the full fee