General practice 14015 - Facility patient conference-general practice

General Info

Billing Amount: $40.00 per 15 minutes

This Item requires times

Max units / year / patient: 6


When requested by a facility to review ongoing management of the patient in that facility or to determine whether a patient in a facility with complex supportive care needs can safely return to the community or transition to a supportive care or long-term facility - per 15 minutes or greater portion thereof


Refer to Table 1 (below) for eligible patient populations.

Must be performed in the facility and results of the conference must be recorded in the patient chart.

Payable only for patients in a facility. Facilities limited to: hospital, palliative care facility, LTC facility, rehab facility, sub-acute facility, psychiatric facility, detox/drug and alcohol facility).

iv) Requesting care providers limited to: long term care nurses, home care nurses, care coordinators, liaison nurses, rehab consultants, psychiatrists, social workers, CDM nurses, any health care provider charged with coordinating discharge and follow-up planning.
v) Requires interdisciplinary team meeting of at least 2 health professionals in total, and will include family members when available.
vi) Maximum payable per patient is 90 minutes (6 units) per calendar year. Maximum payable on any one day is 30 minutes (2 units).
vii) Claim must state start and end times of the service.
viii) If multiple patients are discussed, the billings shall be for consecutive, non-overlapping time periods.
ix) Not payable to physicians who are employed by or who are under contract to a facility who would otherwise have attended the conference as a requirement of their employment or contract with the facility; or physicians working under salary, service contract or sessional arrangements.
x) Not payable on the same day for the same patient as the Community Patient Conference Fee (G14016), Acute Care Discharge Planning Conference Fee (G14017), GP Attachment Conference Fee (G14077), Complex Care Fee (G14033) or GP Attachment Complex Fee (G14075).xi) Visit payable in addition if medically required and does not take place concurrently with the patient conference. Medically required visits performed consecutive to the Facility Patient Conference are payable. (i.e. Visit is separate from conference time).

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