General practice 13781 - General practice group medical visit- >20 patients

General Info

Billing Amount: $7.12 per 30 minutes

This Item requires times


Fee per patient, per 1/2 hour or major portion thereof


A separate claim must be submitted for each patient.

When a patient attends a group visit, it should be noted in his or her chart, along with the start and end times.

iv) Claim must include start and end times.
v) Not payable to physicians working under salary, service contract or sessional arrangements, and whose duties would otherwise include provision of care.
vi) A minimum of a full thirty (30) minute period and a maximum of ninety (90) minutes may be claimed per patient per day.
vii) Where group medical visits with a patient extend beyond two and one-half (2 ½) hours in any seven (7) day period, a note-record is required.
viii) Service is not payable with other consultation, visit or complete examination services, for the same patient, on the same day.
ix) Where two physicians are involved, the group should be divided for claims purposes, with each physician claiming the appropriate rate per patient for the reduced group size. Each claim should indicate “Group medical visit” and also identify the other physician.

A Group Medical Visit provides 1:1 patient care in a group setting. Group Medical Visits are an effective way of leveraging existing resources; simultaneously improving quality of care and health outcomes, increasing patient access to care and reducing costs. Group Medical Visits can offer patients an additional health care choice, provide them support from other patients and improve the patient-physician interaction. Physicians can also benefit by reducing the need to repeat the same information many times and free up time for other patients. Appropriate patient privacy is always maintained and typically these benefits result in improved satisfaction for both patients and physicians.
The Group Medical Visit is not appropriate for advice relating to a single patient. It applies only when all members of the group are receiving medically required treatment (i.e. each member of the group is a patient). The GP Group Medical Visits are not intended for activities related to attempting to persuade a patient to alter diet or other lifestyle behavioural patterns other than in the context of the individual medical condition.