General practice 13075 - In office assessment in assoc with an icbc service

General Info

Billing Amount: $16.44


Paid only when services are provided for an unrelated illness occurring in conjunction with an ICBC insured service.

Unrelated service must be initiated by patient.

The unrelated condition(s) must justify a stand-alone visit.

iv) Only paid once per patient per day, per insurer, and includes all other unrelated problems.
v) Not paid if a procedure for the same or related condition is paid for same patient on same day, same practitioner.
vi) The visit for each payer must be fully and adequately documented in chart.
vii) Paid only to General Practitioners.

For any condition(s) requiring partial or regional examination and history - includes both initial and subsequent examination for same or related condition(s).
Visit fee codes are not to be charged for in-hospital admission examinations. Fee code 00109 may apply in this circumstance. See Preamble and listing restrictions.

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