General practice 12110 - In office:(age 0-1)-consultation

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Billing Amount: $84.87


The following definitions must be adhered to when preparing MSP billings for consultation, complete examination, office visit and individual counselling services (both in and out-of-office listing).
IN-OFFICE FEE ITEMS: 12110, 00110, 15310, 16110, 17110, 18110, 12100, 00100, 15300, 16100, 17100, 18100, 12101, 00101, 15301, 16101, 17101, 18101, 12120, 00120, 15320,16120, 17120, and 18120 apply to consultation, visit, complete examination and counselling services provided in offices, clinics, outpatient areas of hospitals, diagnostic treatment centers and similar locations.

GP Consultations apply when a medical practitioner (GP or Specialist), or a health care practitioner (midwife, for obstetrical or neonatal related consultations; nurse practitioner; oral/dental surgeon, for diseases of mastication), in the light of his/her professional knowledge of the patient and because of the complexity, obscurity or seriousness of the case, requests the opinion of a general practitioner competent to give advice in this field. A consultation must not be claimed unless it was specifically requested by the attending practitioner. The service consists of the initial services of GP consultant, including a history and physical examination, review of x-rays and laboratory findings, necessary to enable him/her to prepare and render a written report, including his/her findings, opinions and recommendations, to the referring practitioner. Consultations will not apply if the referred patient has been attended by the consulting general practitioner or another general practitioner in the same group during the preceding six months