10003 - Follow-up-specialist patient mgmt

General Info

Billing Amount: $24.05 per 15 minutes

This Item requires times


The purpose of this fee is for the specialist to provide real-time advice when the intent of communication is to replace the need for the specialist to see the patient in person. The consulting specialist is responsible for ensuring that an appropriate communication modality is used to meet the medical needs of the patient.


i) This fee applies to telephone and video technology communication between the specialist physician and patient, or a patient’s representative. Not payable for written communication (i.e. fax, letter, e-mail).
ii) Access to this fee is restricted to patients having received a prior consultation, office visit, hospital visit, diagnostic procedure, therapeutic procedure, anesthetic procedure or surgical procedure from the same physician, within the 18 months preceding this service.
iii) Not payable in addition to another service on the same day, for the same patient by the same practitioner.
iv) Patient management requires two-way communication about clinical matters between the patient or patient’s representative and the physician; the fee is not billable for administrative tasks such as appointment booking or notification.
v) This fee requires chart entry as well as ensuring that patient understands and acknowledges the information provided.
vi) Include start and end times in the patient’s chart and time fields when submitting claim.

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