Neurology 00469 - Neurology outpat trans doppler ultra sound -prolon

General Info

Billing Amount: $2,971.00

This Item requires times

Minimum number of minutes per unit: 0 Mins

Max units / day / patient: 0

Max units / year / patient: 0


To consist of prolonged study, which includes fitting of halo-type head brace or other device, and review of study


Restricted to Neurologists.

Paid for outpatients at provincial stroke prevention clinics.

Paid after 45 minutes of G00468.

iv) The physician must be present throughout the study.
v) Start and end times must be entered on patientÕs chart and on the claim.
vi) Paid to a maximum of 8 units per patient, per study.
vii) Includes insonation (both ipsilateral and contralateral to suspected pathology), and both anterior and posterior circulation as indicated by the clinical setting.

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