Chapter 4:
Billing for Locums

2-minute read

Who submits claims? Under which physician’s billing number? How often should fee-sharing payments be made between host and locum physician? Should you use the host physician’s billing system? 

We understand this part can be confusing. This chapter explores and clarifies the multiple options you have for billing and receiving payment as a locum.

4.1  How Billing as a Locum Works

Get the basics on billing as a locum—from how to get a billing number to how to handle the income splitting obligations with your host physician.

In most cases, provinces require the physician who directly provided patient services to use their own province-specific billing number (not the host locum’s number).

Learn how to obtain your billing number from the following provinces:

For all other provinces, download our free Ultimate Locum Tenens ebook.

4.2  Choosing a Locum Billing Solution

Learn why many locums choose to use their own medical billing software rather than the host’s platform and see what features will go a long way to making billing easier. We recommend you consider the following features when looking for a billing solution:

  • Ease of use
  • No manual data entry
  • Transparent reporting
  • Premium alerts
  • Rejection management

Read more about the Top 10 Questions Doctors ask Dr.Bill about our Medical Billing Software.

Chapter 5: Taxes for Locums