Chapter 2:
Locum Salary

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Wondering if being a locum pays competitively? This chapter will give you some idea of what locums can expect to earn when working in Canada, the United States and abroad.

2.1  Average Locum Salary in Canada

Compare physician salaries by province and learn why locums can sometimes earn much more than their full-time counterparts.

As a baseline, consider this sampling of average gross clinical payments in different regions for permanent physicians:

ProvinceFamily MedicineMedical SpecialistsSurgical Specialists
Canadian Average$280,000$363,000$490,000

Source: Canadian Institute for Health Information. Physicians in Canada , 2019. Ottawa, ON: CIHI; 2020

2.2  Locum Payment Models in Canada

Dive into the fee-sharing (income splitting) and guaranteed minimum payments models as well as additional perks you may be offered.

According to the CMA, the volume of patients seen by a short-term locum physician is often 75%-80% of that seen by the host doctor, so keep this in mind when estimating expected income for shorter contracts.

2.3 Locum Compensation outside of Canada

For many locums, the ability to combine work and travel is the biggest draw. Many countries around the world are favourable locations for Canadian locum physicians.

Learn about the variation in locum pay rates throughout the U.S. and in several hot spots for Canadian locums around the world.

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