Chapter 3 – How to Use Dr.Bill:

5-minute read

This chapter offers a walkthrough of some of the key features of Dr.Bill—as well as tips to make billing easier and more efficient:

3.1 Overview

Dr.Bill is a secure mobile medical billing platform for physicians working in Ontario, B.C. and Alberta. 

We’ve modernized medical billing to eliminate time-consuming paperwork, code lookups and manual data entry. With Dr.Bill in your pocket, you can see patients and bill throughout the day quickly and easily. 

Dr.Bill is an ideal choice for physicians embarking on medical billing for the first time. You can choose our software-only plan or pair the power of a leading-edge platform with claim optimization support and full rejection management from our team of billing specialists. Our specialists are seasoned experts in MSP billing and can help you learn to bill accurately from the start.

A MSP Expert in Your Pocket

Find codes and bill premiums easily with a tap. Get a $150 credit when you sign-up!

3.2 Add a Patient (LabelSnap)

With LabelSnap, getting patient information into Dr.Bill takes 3 seconds.

To use LabelSnap to add a patient, you simply use your smartphone to snap a picture of the patient label from the Dr.Bill app. Patient information instantly populates.

I thoroughly enjoy using Dr.Bill’s LabelSnap feature on the mobile app. It’s an easy and efficient way for me to track patient labels throughout the day while integrating claim submissions on the go"

Dr. Aaron Lau, Anesthesiology

3.3 Add a Claim

With Dr.Bill, most claims should take just 30 seconds to complete.

From a patient’s profile, tap the ‘New Claim’ button to create a new claim and add claim details:

  • Billing code
  • Up to 3 diagnoses (ICD9s)
  • Service location
  • Date of service
  • Start and end times
  • Referring physician (if applicable)

Timesaving Tips:

Forget memorizing codes

When selecting Billing Items/Diagnoses, you can search either by number or description to minimize code lookups.

Have favourites at the ready

On the mobile app, tap the “star” icon on your most commonly used billing items, diagnostic codes and referring physicians to keep them readily available to you at the top of the list every time.

Set and forget your defaults

Set your defaults once and enjoy faster claims thereafter. 

3.4 Set Defaults

There are several default settings that you can add to your account in order to make adding claims that much quicker. The full version of our Ultimate MSP Billing Guide will walk you through setting the following defaults:

  • Facility
  • Specialty
  • Rural location (if applicable)
  • Service location
  • Diagnoses (up to 3)

Dr.Bill is streamlined and straightforward. The software speaks for itself.

Dr. Alex Chesley, Family Medicine

3.5 Extra Features

Download the PDF version of our Ultimate MSP Billing Guide for a walkthrough of the added features available in Dr.Bill designed to save you time and streamline billing: 

  1. Collaboration/Team Features
  2. Deleting and Editing Claims
  3. Duplicating Claims
  4. Multi-Claim Billing
  5. Multiple Dates for a Single Claim
  6. Out-of-Province Patients
  7. Patient Groups Creation
  8. Private Invoice Templates 
  9. Quick Bill for Internal Medicine
  10. Reporting
  11. Shared Claims
  12. Specialized Insurance Claims
  13. WSBC and ICBC Claims

Have Questions?

Dr.Bill is backed by a team of dedicated medical billing experts – we are here to help at every step of the way.

3.6 Claim Rejection Management

There are a wide range of reasons MSP may reject, reduce or refuse payment on a claim. When this happens, an explanatory code will accompany the rejection so that you know the reason why your claim is not being paid as expected. 

Typically, there are a handful of common reasons why MSP claims get rejected.

When you opt for Dr.Bill’s Comprehensive Plan, which includes rejection management, our team of BC billing specialists will automatically investigate, correct and resubmit rejected claims for payment on your behalf.

This service is a great time-saver for doctors and often results in recovering claims that would have otherwise gone unpaid. 

“In the past, billing an incorrect code would have simply meant lost revenue for me. Now that I use Dr.Bill, the billing team fixes these errors for me so I get paid accurately.”

Dr. Daffer Ghanim, Emergency Medicine

3.7  Privacy and Security

The security and privacy of patient and physician data is vital. 

Only employees who require access to health information to facilitate Dr.Bill services can access the patient information collected through Dr.Bill’s services. 

We have strict privacy policies, keep detailed access logs, conduct regular audits and use secure encryption to protect the information.

If you use the Dr.Bill app and happen to lose your phone, don’t worry. Contact us and we can block access to the app and get you set up securely again.

Chapter 4: How to Optimize Your Billing