Chapter 4:
How to Optimize Your Billing

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Research by the CMA indicates that physicians don’t bill for at least 5% of the insured services they provide. This chapter will help you avoid some of the common challenges that lead to underbilling for your work.

Here is a brief synopsis of the tips we’ll cover in Chapter 4: 

4.1 Track Your Income

Staying connected to your income is an important part of ensuring you are being paid accurately for the services you perform. 

Check out the full version of our MSP Billing Guide for the pitfalls you should watch out for when outsourcing billing to a third party.

“I appreciate how the dashboard gives me an instant snapshot of how much I’ve billed, how much is pending and the value of claims Dr.Bill has recovered on my behalf.”

Dr. Daffer Ghanim, Emergency Medicine

4.2 Collect Applicable Premiums

If you don’t bill applicable MSP premiums on top of your regular fee codes, you could be doing a lot of work you’re not being paid for. 

In the Ultimate MSP Billing Guide, we’ll dive into the parameters for applying these commonly used MSP fee premiums:

  1. Call Out Premiums
  2. Continuing Care Surcharges
  3. Business Cost Premium
  4. Family Physician Obstetrical Premiums

4.3 Avoid Rejected Claims With These Tips

Claims can be rejected, refused or reduced for a variety of reasons—from a simple patient information error to incorrect use of a code. The good news is that many of these claims can be remedied and resubmitted for payment. 

The process of investigating, correcting and resubmitting claims can become arduous for physicians doing their own billing. As a result, some physicians simply end up letting some or all rejections go, which can add up to a lot of lost revenue over time.

In the Ultimate MSP Billing Guide, we’ll review the five most common reasons for rejected claims. When you keep these in mind, you’re likely to experience fewer unpaid claims.

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4.4 Use MSP Billing Best Practices

With years of MSP billing experience under our belts, we have some no-nonsense tips to share to help you maximize billing and ensure timely payments.

In this section, we’ll cover how frequently physicians should submit claims, tips for avoiding audits and much more.

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