Chapter 5:
Addressing Existing Physician Burnout

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Mitigating burnout at the individual (vs. system) level requires a multifaceted approach that focuses on self care, healthier work-life integration and reevaluating priorities. 

Addressing burnout can seem like yet another overwhelming task heaped on the shoulders of the already-overwhelmed physician. In many ways, that’s true. However, it helps to know that many doctors who make independent interventions report reclaiming a sense of wellbeing—and even finding renewed joy in their medical career.

Chapter 5 of the Physician’s Guide to Tackling Burnout contains a wealth of truly practical strategies physicians can use to manage and even recover from burnout. Way beyond traditional advice to “meditate” and “take a breath,” you’ll learn a stepped framework for approaching burnout and get a list of changes big and small that you can make to your practice in the interest of your personal wellness.

Progressive Burnout Intervention Framework | Dr.Bill

See our long list of strategies for addressing burnout within this framework.

Chapter 6: Physician Wellness Resource Library