The Physician’s Guide to Tackling Burnout


While the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated physician burnout and moral injury, it also brought to light that the Canadian healthcare system needs urgent care, drawing much-needed attention to challenges physicians have been raising for years.

This spotlight on systemic contributors to burnout has inspired the beginnings of solutions in some parts of Canada, including:

  • Reimagined compensation models, such as with the transformative Longitudinal Family Physician Model in BC
  • Fewer barriers for many international physicians who wish to practice in Canada
  • Institutional supports dedicated to physician wellness
  • Incentives for primary care physicians
  • Changes to traditional healthcare delivery models
  • Increases to Canada’s medical school capacity

Burnout in healthcare has never been more prevalent, yet supports for physician stress and mental health remain slim. The Physician’s Guide to Tackling Burnout brings fresh thinking to the table with strategies physicians can implement to address burnout and support colleagues, despite systemic pressures.

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