Chapter 4:
Preventing Physician Burnout Before it Starts

4-minute read

It can be challenging to prioritize your own wellbeing in medical work environments where burnout is the normalized baseline. However, by implementing burnout prevention strategies, you’re not just taking care of yourself, but influencing other physicians and residents to do so as well, thereby contributing to changing the culture of medicine for the better.

The Physician’s Guide to Tackling Burnout will cover our top burnout prevention strategies in detail.

8 ways to keep physician burnout at bay:

  1. Draw hard boundaries around your time
  2. Delegate and outsource
  3. Batch tasks 
  4. Prioritize yourself
  5. Leave work at work
  6. Optimize your healthcare technology
  7. Set goals for yourself
  8. Know the early signs of burnout
Chapter 5: Addressing Existing Physician Burnout