Chapter 2:
Optimizing Your Medical Practice With the Right Tech

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Can healthcare technology reduce costs for my practice? Can it save me time? What core essentials do I need when I start up? This chapter explores the time and money saving technologies no modern medical practice should be without. 

2.1  The Best Tech for Doctors Building a Practice

To grow your practice, you need to build strong relationships with your patients, who can help build your patient roster through positive word-of-mouth. In this case, simple, tried-and-true technologies are all you need. In chapter 2, we explore the following tech tips:

  • Email newsletters
  • Virtual appointments
  • Appointment reminders via text or email
  • Google reviews

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2.2  Essential Tech Tools For a More Efficient Practice

From next-gen EMRS to mobile billing apps and more, healthcare tech can reduce costs for your practice and save you time. We talk about how to make the most of your Practice Management Software and what key features you should look for in your EMR system.

Chapter 3: Choosing an EMR System

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