Chapter 3:
Choosing an EMR System

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According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), 86% of doctors in Canada use an EMR. This chapter will help you identify 3 top EMR must-haves and explore what the EMR of the future will look like.

3.1 Top 3 Features to Look For in an EMR System 

The most common questions we hear are:

  • What is an EMR system?
  • What features are most critical?

Learn what today’s EMRs are capable of and why an EMR can make or break the efficiency of your practice.

Already becoming so much more than a digital patient record, EMRs are increasingly able to leverage newer technology to improve the lives of patients and physicians. How much do you know about:

  • Increased Interoperability?
  • Artificial Intelligence?
  • Cloud-based Systems?
  • Self-Serve tools?
  • Improved UX?

In Chapter 3, we delve deeper into emerging EMR trends of the future and demystify how more tech can equal an improved billing experience.

Chapter 4: Choosing a Medical Billing Software Solution