Chapter 6:
Finding Balance

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According to the CMA, the National Physician Health Survey revealed that 53% of physicians and medical learners have experienced high levels of burnout compared to 30% in a similar survey conducted four years earlier. 

6.1 Relaxation Hacks

Download the full version of our New Physician Guide for 5 fast relaxation tips you can employ any time during a hectic day. These tips are go-tos when you need to calm your nervous system, clear your mind and sharpen your focus when you only have a minute or two to spare.

  • Don’t forget that the CMA offers a dedicated Physician Wellness Hub physicians can and should use when experiencing stress, burnout or other challenges. 

6.2 Staying Protective of Your Personal Time

It’s much easier to scale your work up than back, so go into practice with firm boundaries around your personal time. We offer 6 tips to try in our New Physician Guide.

  • If you’ve never tried meditation before, free app trials have made it easier than ever. Some popular ones include Ten Percent Happier, Headspace, and Calm

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