Chapter 5:
Creating an Efficient and Fulfilling Practice

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Doctors have a heavy workload, and this is especially true when just starting out. This chapter offers practical tips for streamlining practice management duties, staying engaged with patients despite the stressors and leaning in to the right types of support.

5.1 Using Digital Tools to Save Time

Digital tools make your work easier and faster by automating manual tasks. Learn a little more about each of these areas, within our comprehensive eBook, where technology can help you save time in your practice:

  • Automating administrative tasks
  • Using telemedicine where appropriate 
  • Billing on-the-go
  • Choosing the right EMR

According to a study by RAND, a permanent increase in tele-consultations can generate as much as $5 billion a year for the Canadian economy.

5.2 Staying Present With Patients

The administrative and financial pressures of practising can make it difficult to stay present with patients—and stay true to the reasons you became a doctor. In our free New Physician Guide, we examine 5 tips for staying present with and connected to patients.

5.3 Networking and Building a Support System

We’ve rounded up some of the best and most active networking and collaboration sites and associations where physicians can turn for support, community, advice on unique cases and much more.

Getting Started?
The CMA’s Practice Management Curriculum offers virtual and in-person sessions on insurance, finances, billing, incorporation, negotiations and more.

5.4 Finding a Mentor

Studies have consistently shown doctors who can locate  at least one mentor are more successful and satisfied in their careers

Learn how to find a mentor who might provide patient advice, help you with practice start-up, connect you with other physicians or just lend an encouraging ear during your first few years of independent practice. 

Chapter 6: Finding Balance