4 Ways Dr.Bill Addresses Physician Burnout

Tracy B.
Oct. 10, 2022
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“Burnout: A state of mental and physical exhaustion caused by one's professional life.

Herbert Freudenberger, Psychologist, coined the term “burnout” in 1974

Canada’s doctors are in a state of crisis, with more than half of physicians and medical learners reporting high levels of burnout according to the Canadian Medical Association (CMA):

Dr.Bill - Percentage of Physician Burnout in Canada 2021

The current state of physician burnout

High levels of physician burnout stem from multiple pain points:

Too many patients and not enough practitioners

  • Family physicians in particular are on the decline amidst growing aging populations. 

A heavy administrative burden

  • Physicians consistently report that time-consuming admin work—from charting and forms to billing and documentation—is a top contributor to burnout.

Added pandemic pressures

Of course, this is just the beginning. Overhead costs for physicians continue to rise. Health experts estimate a “rough” influenza season ahead. A shocking 79% of physicians score “low” when it comes to professional fulfillment

Today’s doctors are facing a lot of pressure with few fast fixes.

“Watching the B.C. Government announce millions of dollars in stabilization funding in August reminds us just how bad the situation has become in primary care in parts of Canada. This is not a new issue, but it has been amplified by the pandemic. We can’t continue to throw funding at an issue and hope that the future will change. We need innovation. We need new thinking.”

Sarah Wilkinson, CEO, Dr.Bill

4 Ways Dr.Bill Works to Address Physician Burnout

While Dr.Bill can’t address many of the contributors to physician burnout, we work hard on the part we can control: making the administrative job of billing faster, easier and more accurate.

Here are 4 ways Dr.Bill works to give doctors more time to focus on what matters most:

1. Prevents potential errors and rejected claims

Dr.Bill has built-in features to prevent common billing errors and minimize rejected and refused claims. On our Comprehensive Plan, our billing specialists can help you select the right codes as well as correct and resubmit rejected claims on your behalf, saving you time.

2. Facilitates real-time revenue visibility

Doctors should never have to dig through spreadsheets to piece together a full picture of their earnings. Dr.Bill provides a real-time view of paid, submitted and pending claims right on the dashboard, as well as custom reports you can generate in seconds that offer a clear overview of your finances.

3. Keeps you in control of when you do billing

Whether you want to bill right after each patient encounter or tackle billing all at once at the day’s end, Dr.Bill doesn’t tie you down with a standard process or stationary point of entry. Bill wherever and whenever with the mobile app. Better still, most claims take just 30 seconds to submit so you’ll never need to set a lot of time aside.

4. Reduces manual, repetitive work

Dr.Bill has modernized medical billing to eliminate time-consuming paperwork, code look-ups and manual data entry. Simply snap a picture of your patient label from your cell phone to populate patient details and verify health card information automatically. Set and forget your favourite settings and codes to enjoy even faster claims.

While Dr.Bill can save you hours every month, we recognize that billing is one small part of a much larger picture of burnout. If you are experiencing signs of burnout or looking to prevent it, we have compiled a list of physician-centred resources below where you can find both general and personalized support.

Burnout Support Resources for Physicians

CMA Physician Wellness Hub

This collection of wellness resources features a comprehensive section dedicated to physician burnout as well as links to counselling programs and a 24/7 physician support line

Canadian Psychological Association

If you are a front-line worker experiencing pandemic-related burnout, you can find a list of over 100 psychologists who will return your call within 24 hours and provide services free of charge.

Provincial Physician Support Resources

Many provincial organizations offer wellness support for physicians, residents and their families:

The Physician’s Guide to Tackling Burnout - A Dr.Bill Resource

This downloadable guide describes the telltale signs of burnout and actionable steps you can take to help create a more balanced lifestyle.

How to Treat Burnout - A Dr.Bill Resource

This eBook focuses on how to prevent burnout before it starts, work through it when prevention isn’t possible, and implement time management strategies that work.

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