OHIP Billing Codes Sheet for Anaesthesia

Courtney Marie L.
May 30, 2017

For Ontario anesthesiologists that manage their own billing, knowing which fee code to use can be a pain. They have more than enough work to do already, and the added complexity of submitting claims to OHIP doesn’t help.

To help save time, we’ve put together a short list of the most common OHIP fee codes for anaesthesia. We hope this is a useful resource and lets you spend less time going through the massive fee schedule.

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Consultations & Assessments

A015 Consultation

C015 Consultation (in-patient)

A016 Repeat consultation

C016 Repeat consultation (in-patient)

A215 Limited consultation for acute pain management

C215 Limited consultation for acute pain management (in-patient)

A013 Specific assessment

C013 Specific assessment (in-patient)

A014 Partial assessment

C014 Specific re-assessment (in-patient)

Subsequent Visits

C012 First 5 weeks

C017 Sixth to thirteenth week inclusive (maximum 3 per patient per week)

C019 After thirteenth week (maximum 6 per patient per month)

Subsequent Visits by the Most Responsible Physician (MRP)

C122 Day following the hospital admission assessment

C123 Second day following the hospital assessment

C124 Day of discharge

Subsequent Visits by the MRP Following Transfer from an Intensive Care Area

C142 First subsequent visit

C143 Second subsequent visit

C121 Additional visits due to intercurrent illness

C018 Concurrent care

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