Why Dr.Bill is helping Canadians say #ThankYouDoctors on National Physicians’ Day!

Sarah Wilkinson
Apr. 30, 2024
3-minute read

As we celebrate National Physicians’ Day, I would like to express my profound gratitude and admiration for the physicians and health care professionals who work tirelessly to deliver care to patients across Canada. They deserve our appreciation for their unwavering dedication, compassion and resilience in the face of some of the most pervasive issues within the health care system—resource challenges, high patient volumes, increasing patient complexity and administrative burdens.

At Dr.Bill, we believe in the importance and power of saying thanks. We are honoured to stand alongside these remarkable people to celebrate their invaluable contributions to health care. This year, we are launching our “Thank You Doctors!” recognition campaign to harness the power of collective gratitude. Through our dedicated “Thank You” page, patients, physicians and families across Canada will have the opportunity to share heartfelt messages of thanks to their physicians and colleagues this month. These messages will be displayed on our virtual thank you wall and select notes will appear in a full page feature in the Globe and Mail later this month—a testament to the impact physicians have on countless lives.

In addition to our messages of thanks, we are thrilled to partner with three hospitals in Northern Ontario—Health Sciences North, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, and North Bay Regional Health Centre—to celebrate the doctors and medical staff in the North who dedicate themselves to caring for others. Physicians in the North tend to have to manage the same issues but across a larger land mass and with fewer community resources. We hope that this small gesture will convey the depth of our gratitude for their selfless service while we all work to find solutions to these complex challenges.

Last year, as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the medical community, Dr.Bill proudly donated $150,000 to the Ontario Medical Foundation (OMF) to fund research grants for physician-led solutions to alleviate the causes of physician burnout—the results of which will be announced later this year. While we await the research results, we hope it will pave the way for meaningful solutions to physician burnout. 

Furthermore, as the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) convenes in Sudbury this year for its Annual General Meeting, I would like to underscore the importance of collaboration and shared learning in advancing excellence and innovation in health care but also sustainable solutions that alleviate the pressures that physicians in Canada continually face.

Here at Dr.Bill we remain committed to supporting physicians by advocating for long-term, sustainable solutions to alleviate pressures so that physicians can focus on what they do best... care for patients.

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