The easiest billing software for teams


Pain-Free Billing

• Bill on your smartphone & ditch the paper
• Add patient data by taking a photo
• Claims are auto-submitted
• Billing reports are available instantly
• Assign team roles including administrative staff

No more paper, index cards or clunky software. 
Save up to 10 hours per month and earn up to 25% more.

Save Money & Earn More

We can help you do both by making it easier for your team members to comply and complete their billing. Our team of expert billing agents will make sure your rejected claims are paid and help optimize your billing.

• No more lost or forgotten claims
• Our agents are available in real-time via in-app chat
• Reduce your administrative overhead
• Built-in private billing for uninsured patients & private insurance programs.

Save time, earn more and focus on what's important.

Add a new patient in 3 seconds.

Add a new patient in 3 seconds.

Dr Bill OHIP Billing Software

Better Manage Your Income

Get clarity on how you’re being paid, who’s contributing, and where there are opportunities to optimize your income with easy to understand reports.

• Run custom reports & queries for any time period or claim status.
• View claims globally or on an individual physician basis.
• Quickly understand payments & claims payable.
• See common billing issues.
• Manage claim issues electronically & securely.


Collaborate & Connect Securely

Dr. Bill lets you share important billing information with your team members to make billing easier for everyone. We can also connect to your EMR or other clinical software and import relevant data to make billing smooth.

• Baked-in security features that make sharing patient & billing information secure.
• Connect to Dr. Bill via API to automate data transfer from existing clinical tools you use.

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